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A couple of days ago someone mentioned that they would like to read my journal of my travels the next time I see them. My first thought was “Wait,….photos aren’t enough?”

And this got me thinking….Why didn’t I think to write anything down? So I figured I should start.


The first thing that happened as my flight from home was taking off was- an old businessman sat next to me. He was on his cell phone and he proceeded to continue his conversation until we started to take off. He quickly turned off his phone when the stewardess approached him. He and I had a nice chat about where we were going after we hit Dallas. When we landed he made sure I was okay and knew where I was going.

I got a little bit lost in Dallas Airport…but I kept walking until I found the SkyTrain and I was on time to my flight to San Francisco. The flight to SanFran was very crowded and smelly. When I got to SanFran I met up with my aunt and uncle and we spent some time in the city. We took a ferry around the city and saw the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. We also went to a pretty awesome wax museum. Shea and I ate a crab dinner. We also went to a Chinese place that did a-la-carte meals only….weird, expensive, and delicious..   We went to the mall a couple of times which was awesome bc I didnt bring all that much with me. We also went to go see the new star trek movie. And OMDL we went to a super awesome comic book store in Castro..and I had a nice chat with the clerk at the comic book store about Doctor Who. The Whovian Community is worldwide now!!! hehehehe

Anyway, I had a great time there and I’m looking forward to going back in a couple of weeks:)