So a friend of mine is getting married soon. Yay! Good for her. But yeesh….wedding and romance and…stuff. So we’ve been going through lists of romantic movies and music and magazines—anything involving weddings to pick out stuff that might be nice for her wedding. And while we’ve been going through this stuff I’ve realized that–nothing works this way.
1. Romantic Movies: the notebook-
Now I like the notebook. It’s a good love story and it warms even the coldest soul. But kissing in the rain-doesnt always work out. You got water pouring all over your face in your mouth up your nose. Makeup is running everywhere. Nobody likes making out with the girl from the ring.
2. Romantic books: guys almost never say the right thing. So if you’re reading a great romance novel and the guy says something or does something super thoughtful and romantic-just think about the author…it’s probably a woman. You’re reading a book written by a woman and she thinks that would be the perfect thing for a guy to say in that moment. Sorry but that’s not how the world works so don’t expect that from a real guy.
3. Bridal magazines: keep in mind that designers pay the mags to put those ads and pictures in there. Just because they’re in a 10$ magazine and listed as affordable–doesn’t mean it’s under 5000$.
4.romantic music: if you listen to the lyrics in romantic music, you’ll almost always hear a sex reference. Yeah that’s romantic-this musician singing about his past sexual conquests. No!

If anyone has anything to add or comment about, plz do and I will follow up on it:)