Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the efforts that women go to or men..and how ridiculous they are. Some women go to the extremes and do horrible painful things to themselves just to feel sexy. Some become a totally different person and different personality to become what they think their man wants. So I’m here to tell the vaginas out there that you don’t need to do that. Think about it: guys just roll outta bed-with those balls–they’re so disgusting–and they just throw on clothes and go about their day. Women never stop preparing. We shave, twease, pluck, wax, fix our hair, makeup–all hours in advance and most of us don’t realize that it’s not required. If it helps you feel sexy-do it. If you feel like it’s pointless and is an endless waste of time-you don’t have to:) All you need is a little confidence in yourself and a little comfort in your own skin.
Just a thought.