Insecurities are some of the worst things women have to deal with. One thing many women (including myself) are insecure about is our bodies. Our boobs, faces, butts, thighs, fat, tummies, feet,etc. You name it-we’re probably insecure about it. But what causes these insecurities? For me I found that magazines, photos of models, music about beautiful women, movies, billboards,etc caused a lot of deep rooted insecurity and low self-esteem. But honestly, I figured out that no body looks exactly like another. No two boobs are exactly the same so it’s impossible to have perfect boobs since there is no set standard. So I cut all of that media that was causing my self-esteem issues, stripped down in front of my mirror, and stared at my body for half an hour. Then I figured-hey I’m kinda hot…this is new. Now whenever I feel ugly, fat, or insecure about anything-I just strip down and get comfy, read a book, or listen to music-just chill out and pretty soon I got comfortable with my body and love how I look:)
Hint hint 😉 😉 you need to love your body before you can love yourself or anyone else. You can only have self-confidence if you learn how to have a good relationship with your body.